Thursday, October 7, 2010

Knitting 2 socks at once

I might be a fast knitter, but whenever I knit my left and right socks seperately they never seem to match up. You may say this is a good thing, because your feet are usually a little different in size as well. I however, like things to match up. My solution? Knit both the right and left sock at the same time of course! This way they will both have the same tension and number of rows throughout the process.
Take for example this pair of twisted cuff down socks. I am knitting both the right and left sock at the same time! Madness you might say, and perhaps you would be correct. How do I do it? It is all in the CO. First CO one sock as you would normally do to use the magic loop method. Second CO your second sock in the same manner. This way you will have sock #1 in correct position to start knitting, and sock #2 stitches will be on the one needle. Then you need to remove the second sock from the circular needles, I used DPNs, to split them and reposition onto both needles. Then you knit side A of sock #2 (which I have marked with a stitch marker), side A & B of sock #1 and finish the round by knitting side B of sock #2.

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